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Too often, financial obstacles block the investments your business needs to innovate and get ahead. We’ll help you fund top-tier tech and reduce capital strain – to sharpen your competitive edge.

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Invest in innovation sooner

To power your digital transformation, you need advanced tech. Yet budget limitations or expertise gaps might hold back the necessary investment.

Our Finance and Leasing solution helps your business fund pre-owned technology and reduce capital strain.

As part of our comprehensive service, we’ll help you:

    Bridge the gap between finance and technology

    Maintain effectiveness across multi-generational IT environments   

    Sustainably manage end-of-life devices

We’ve been sharpening our technical and financial expertise for over 30 years. Partnering with leading financiers, we’ll design a tailored, long-term IT asset management plan to bolster your tech ecosystem.

Business Benefits

Enhance operational efficiency

Leverage the residual value of legacy assets to fund future digital transformation projects. We’ll help you optimise your capital – and achieve greater operational efficiency.

Strengthen your competitive advantage

We’ll show you how to get – and stay – ahead of your rivals. By boosting your purchasing power and accessing new tech sooner, we’ll help you innovate and elevate how you do business.

Re-examine and optimise your costs

Invest in digital transformation – without the need for hefty upfront capital. Our finance and leasing options will reduce your financial burden today - and help you plan for tomorrow.

Key Features

Your Trusted Partner

At AVTech, we know that no two businesses are the same. So we remain agile to adapt to your evolving requirements.

We partner closely with your people to scale up and down as you need. To drive sustainable solutions, long-term growth and rapid results.

You’ll benefit from our decades of delivery experience and our proven project management methodology.

We’ll help you bridge the gap between finance and technology. And design a tailored, long-term IT asset management plan.

Procurement - Finance & Leasing - Your Trusted Partner

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